Meet our Miss Drill Utah winner 2018-19 … Mackenzie Erickson!

Mackenzie Erickson is our current Miss Drill Utah winner!!  

Mackenzie Erickson is a member of the Copper Hills Azurettes and has been a part of the 6A State Championship titles the past two seasons.  Kenzie loves dance and is grateful for the opportunity to be Miss Drill Utah 2019.  The friendships she has gained through Drill have provided lifelong memories.

 Kenzie loves to have fun and laugh, especially with her close friends and family, which includes amazing and supportive parents, a younger brother, and an older sister that often gets mistaken for her twin.  Friendly dancing competitions in the living room are weekly events that turn quite humorous.

Dance has provided an amazing opportunity to overcome some past challenges in Kenzie’s life.  At three years old, Kenzie was involved in an accident that seriously affected her right eye, resulting in multiple surgeries and required daily therapy to ensure her vision was not fully lost.  Since this time, Kenzie has remained positive, continually recovered, and spends time talking with kids and people who have similar eye issues.

Besides dance, Kenzie loves to travel and has a future goal to live next to a beach and soak up the sun.  Her adventures with her friends are always quite fun and entertaining, which include hiking expeditions, swimming and dance parties. Kenzie is known to those around her to be quite clumsy, and self admittedly, not extremely athletic; which provides humor to her friends.

Kenzie is extremely grateful for what Miss Drill has provided and she wishes everyone the best of luck in the competition!! She thinks Miss Drill is the perfect opportunity to create lifelong friendships