Meet our Miss Drill Utah winner 2019-20 … Madison Bay!

Madison has been a member of the American Fork Cavettes for just one year. Even though her time on Drill was short compared to others, she has loved being part of the team, has learned life lessons and has made long lasting friends. She loves to perform and has especially enjoyed performing at football and basketball games. She has loved her coaches, Jeana and Mccall, and looks up to them for the great examples and positive influences they are to her. She will take this positivity with her into next year as she dances in college and throughout her life. Madison started dancing when she was 2 years old. Dance is her happy place and she has spent many many hours over the last 15 years doing what she loves most. 

When she is not dancing Madison loves to travel, hike, read, watch movies, take daily baths, and be with her friends. She is shy, loves being cozy and is a homebody. Many weekend nights you will find her in her favorite place, her bed, watching movies or reading a book. If she is not wearing dance clothes, she is typically wearing oversized sweatpants and a sweatshirt. 

Madison is the oldest of 6 children. She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. There is only a 7.5 year difference from the oldest to the youngest child, so they are all really close in age, which makes for 5 instant friends. She is very close with her family. 

Madison is excited to have the opportunity to do a humanitarian project as part of her year as Miss Drill Utah. Dance and performing makes her happy and she always has a smile on her face. Smiling is one of the greatest expressions of happiness. Many people don’t feel comfortable smiling. They don’t like the way their smile looks, so they cover their mouth, or try not to smile. Madison has teamed up with a charity to provide smile makeovers. Her hope is that those that get a new smile will feel more self confident. As they start to smile more often, that smile will be contagious and spread happiness to others. Additionally, she is collecting and assembling basic oral hygiene kits to deliver to local shelters to help recipients smile and have more confidence in themselves. 

Madi wants to thank Miss Drill for the amazing opportunity she has had this year. Thank you!