Miss Drill Utah Solo Championship Information



Any Eligible high school drill team soloist may compete their 1 ½ -2 minute solo in the Miss Drill Utah Solo Championship. This is a competition for ALL soloists!  The Miss Drill Utah Solo Championship will be broken down into classification and style … Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary.  Soloists can enter more than one solo.  Soloists entered in our event will be judged according to their classification and style.  Professional Judges including College and University Dance Team Coaches will be invited to come judge this event and give professional, helpful, constructive critiques for each soloist.  For the over-all awards, Soloists will have their scores compared to one another and only the TOP TEN will move forward into the Finals round of the competition.  

Awards — Awards will be presented for each soloist that enters this event.  The Top three placements will be announced for each classification and category.  Superior and Excellent ratings will be given for each soloist not receiving a Top Three placement.  All classifications will be combined to adjudicate for the “Over-All” awards.  Note:  If there are not enough entries in a particular classification & category, then we reserve the  right to combine classifications to help make the competition more successful.  For instance:  1A/2A Jazz or 2A/3A Lyrical.  There is NOT a Teen division.  There is no requirement for age, style, or classification.  Any eligible Drill Team member is able to compete for this Miss Drill Utah Solo Title.  Following the Miss Drill Utah Finals round, the Top Five placements will be announced … 5th Place, 4th Place, 3rd Place, 2nd Place, and the winner MISS DRILL UTAH!!!

MISS DRILL UTAH FINALS ROUNDTOP TEN Finalists  will compete in the following 3 areas ….

1- SPOTLIGHT  – Each Finalist will showcase up to 8 sets of 8 which may NOT exceed 30 secs. This can be any dance skills/style/tricks/strengths/etc… they choose to perform.  This is NOT done to music.  They do not need to do any “walks” in-between the sets of 8, but rather create a cohesive and continuous flow between each set of 8.  A 2 point penalty will be given for anyone that goes over 30 secs.  You are welcome to start your sequence anywhere on the stage that you wish.  Be sure to hold your ending position so that we know when you are finished.

**The SPOTLIGHT is 15% of their Over-All Score. 

Spotlight Attire … All finalists need to wear a Black leo with long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves (no short sleeve or sleeveless).  Any style of leo is fine but no “bling”, sequin, or cutouts in the torso area.  It MUST be All Black.  Full length (footed) Black tights and Black dance shoe is also required.  No hairpieces are allowed for this portion of the competition.  NO Jewelry is allowed either.

2- Informal “On-stage Question”  – All Finalist will be given their Informal Question once they have been announced as the TOP TEN…. this is the same for all ten finalists and is a question pertaining to Dance/Drill.  It is meant to be informal and fun.  It allows the judges to see the Finalist’s personality, poise, confidence, etc…  The time limit for the Finalists Question Response is a max of 30 seconds.  A 2 point penalty will be given for anyone that goes over 30 seconds.

Informal Question Attire … All finalists will keep their black leo, tights, and shoes on from the Spotlight portion of this event and they will then put on a black ballet skirt for the question portion of the competition.  

** The Informal Question is 15% of their Over-All Score.

3- SOLO ROUTINE – Each Finalist will re-compete their solo again for the judges panel.  The solo must be the same solo that qualified during the “solo championship” round of competition.

Timing of the solo routine will start with the first beat of the music. A 2-point penalty will be given for being under 1.5 mins or over 2 minutes. Routine judging will be on routine construction, choreography, technique and showmanship. 

** Solo Routine constitutes 70% of the total score.


MUSIC DOWNLOADS …. We require that every contestant email us a correct copy edit of your solo music two weeks prior to the competition date.  We will email out the link to where you download your music.  There will NOT be a music check so be sure you send us the correct edit you wish to use for you solo routine.  Always have a back-up source with you at the competition in case of a technical emergency.