Miss Drill Utah Soloists – WE LOVE YOU!!

This year was another fabulous Miss Drill Utah Solo Championship!! There were 172 soloists from 52 different high schools from all classifications across the state of Utah!  The talent level was incredible!!  Everyone did such an amazing job with their solo performances! 

What we love most is all the new friendships that were made and all the camaraderie and sportsmanship backstage.  This is what it’s all about! Supporting one another, sharing our talents and hard work with each other, taking hold of opportunities, setting goals, pushing yourself, overcoming fears and anxiousness, and being there for one another!! 

We are so proud of every single Miss Drill and Teen Miss Drill soloist!!  You brought everything you had to the table and you worked hard to get your solo routines ready in time for this big event!!  We commend you on putting forth the effort and determination it took to be ready!  WAY TO GO!! VERY IMPRESSIVE!! You are all so important to our Miss Drill Utah family!!  We are cheering you on as you start your 2023-24 Drill Team Season!!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!  Continue to cheer and support one another throughout the season!!  Stay strong and keep being the awesome leaders and examples that you are!

Lauralyn & Nikki